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Description of Service

Our mission is to provide quality care to malnourished,

abandoned, orphaned children and underprivileged families and improve their lives

through education, charity care, nutrition and affordable health care.

We are dedicated to providing medical and humanitarian aid to the unfortunates living in

Haïti. We receive donation of food and basic household goods in the United States to

send to poor individuals living in Haïti.

We focus in 4 main areas.

In education, we sponsor a school by helping with the salary of the staff. We support

programs that improve access to education for the unprivileged children in Haïti.

In Health and nutrition, we sponsor 2 community health centers in the rural areas of Petit-

Goave. They provide basic medical services to remote, poor communities that have little

or no access to health care. We provide medical supplies to make sure they have they

have the equipment and supplies necessary to efficiently serve their communities.

We distributed micronutrients (Vitamin A) to 2,000 children every year since May 2013.

we also have medical fair every year to provide basic medical care to the unfortunates in


In social service, our representatives in Haïti visit the prisons and distributed

sanitary/hygiene kits to the incarcerated.

In agriculture, we provide technical assistance to the farmers in the rural areas of Petit-

Goave. We distributed seeds and assist the little farmers in producing more.

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